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City Hotel Amsterdam
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Best Price Guarantee

Through us you always book with the best price guarantee. On each room reservation you will receive:

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Best price guarantee
Room upgrade (if possible)
Free WiFi
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Stay Safe

The health, safety and well-being of our guests and colleagues is our top priority. We try our best to ensure that our guests and staff members feel safe. We strictly follow the measures that RIVM and the Dutch government have announced for the Netherlands. Below you will find the measures we take to offer you a safe and comfortable stay:

  • Keep 1.5 meters distance.
  • Stay at home with (mild) cold symptoms.
  • If you start to experience flu like symptoms during your stay, inform us immediately.
  • Follow the team's instructions.
  • The cleaning frequency has been further increased.
  • Contactless payment is preferred.
  • We do not shake hands, but welcome you from a distance.  

Adjusted Services and Facilities due to Covid-19

• Stay over cleaning (and room supplies) only on request.
• No room cleaning or technical service while guest is in the room.
• Limited amenities and collateral in the rooms.

General (all areas):
• Adjusted and strict hygiene measures.
• Limited guest contacts.
• Social distancing of 1.5 meter measure.
• Adjusted check in procedure including health check questionnaire for every guest.